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When you decide to gate your property to provide security and peace of mind, it’s essential that you have a team ready to provide trustworthy solutions when the system malfunctions. Like other systems on your property, you can complete annual maintenance to avoid repairs. Still, some gate types are more susceptible to breakdowns than others. Smart Gates & Controls Pros have a decade of experience helping our community enjoy reliable gates with our expert gate repairs in Oakland. We offer discounts for first responders and senior citizens to give back to our clients.

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Common Causes of Gate Breakdowns

We understand the importance of maximizing the lifespan of your gate. 

Here are a few reasons your gate may need our professional solutions and how to avoid them:

Severe weather isn’t a friend of your outdoor components. Freezing weather can cause the metal to contract, which leads to jamming. Ice buildup can be a significant issue for sliding gates that can’t move freely through the track. Lightening caused by storms can cause a power surge that damages gate components. Avoid these issues by lubricating your gate during low temperatures and adding a surge protector to your gate’s electrical system.

If a driveway gate doesn’t budge, an obstruction like sticks, rocks, or dirt may block the track. If materials or insects are in the way of sensors, they can damage electrical components and prevent calibration.

Automatic gates are constantly used while being exposed to the elements. Wear and tear can cause loose hardware, sudden breakdowns, and a shorter lifespan.

Installing a customized gate can be complex. Poor installation can create a multitude of issues. That’s why you should always trust the Smart Gates & Controls Pros professionals when you need a reliable installation or our expert gate repairs in Oakland. 

Troubleshooting Common Hardware Problems

Your gate’s hardware includes many moving components that are increasingly susceptible to breakdowns over time. However, it may not need a professional solution if the issue is minor. 

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot hardware issues with your gate:

  • Hinges: This material is commonly overworked and needs to be lubricated annually to prevent friction. Excessive friction leads to damage and corrosion that can cause your gate to sag. If your gate is struggling to move smoothly, try lubricating the area.
  • Latches: If your gate isn’t closing, the latch may be misaligned or corroded. Often this is a simple replacement that should be completed by professionals at Smart Gates & Controls Pros.
  • Swing arm: If your swing system struggles to open or close, it may become loose. If you’ve experienced a recent power outage, try to reset the system before reaching out for our expert gate repairs in Oakland.
  • Tracks: Your sliding system can have various issues with your tracks. Clean out any built-up dirt and debris that could cause an obstruction. Ensure the gate is balanced and not wearing down one particular side.
  • Chains: Many slide systems rely on chains to move, but these chains should be lubricated annually to prevent wear and tear. Over time the links may become looser, and chain tension will need to be tightened.

Count on Smart Gates & Controls Pros when you need reliable solutions because it’s all about the service for us. We have a decade of experience serving hundreds of customers.

Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (510) 681-0223 or filling out our online contact form.

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