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When issues arise unexpectedly with your gate remote, we can provide troubleshooting tips and repair options to get your gate opening in no time. There may be multiple reasons your remote isn’t working, but it can take experienced professionals to find the right solution for you. At Smart Gates & Controls Pros, we have spent ten years helping our community feel secure with reliable gates. We offer a friendly approach and dedication to a positive customer experience when you need expert controller repair in Oakland.

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Why Is My Gate Remote Malfunctioning?

No matter what has caused your remote or fob to stop working, we can help with trustworthy solutions provided by licensed professionals. 

Common causes of remote failure include:

  • Dead battery
  • Blocked sensors
  • No power
  • Interference

If you haven’t had issues with your remote in the past, begin troubleshooting by looking for a dead battery. If it’s a new remote, the unit may be defective and needs to be reprogrammed or replaced. If you’ve had your gate for years and haven’t completed annual maintenance, the sensors may have become blocked by pests, mold, or debris. Sensors tend to flash red when they’re triggered by motion.

If the problem isn’t caused by your remote, it may be a more significant issue with the electrical system connected to your gate. This is typically the case if backup controls like a keypad or secondary remote also don’t work. A recent power outage or surge could have damaged a cable or fried the opener’s motor. If issues continue, it may be electrical interference. A faulty electrical device near your gate, strong radio signal, flight path, airport, or military base can cause this issue. You may need specialty receivers for long-term solutions to this breakdown.

When you know the battery, sensors, and electrical system aren’t the cause of the malfunction, there are still some steps you can take. Try resetting the gate operator a few minutes after opening or closing the gate. Look for an error code if your operator has a display or if your system is connected to your phone. Lastly, trust Smart Gates & Controls Pros when you need licensed professionals to provide expert controller repair in Oakland.

How to Replace Your Gate Remote

When you replace your gate remote, it’s critical that you choose a suitable remote that is protected against hackers. 

Here are a few tips to consider when you need a new gate controller:

  • Buy from the manufacturer when possible
  • Invest in quality
  • If the remote is lost, erase its memory

A new remote needs to be protected with similar security features to your original fob to promote safety. This is why we recommend buying from the manufacturer when possible and investing in quality that may have multiple security features built in. Depending on the brand, you may be able to erase the memory of a lost remote, so it no longer has access to your home. This prevents a stranger from picking it up nearby and gaining access to your home or business. Smart Gates & Controls Pros offer expert controller repair in Oakland to provide possible solutions before you go through the hassle of replacing your remote.

You can contact us at (510) 681-0223 to learn more about how we can service your access control systems!

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